India House Path Laboratory (India House Path Lab) is an ISO 9000: 2001 certified in the business of providing medical diagnostic services through its fully equipped modern diagnostic centres located in mid town and downtown Mumbai, the maritime capital of India.

India House Path Lab is specialized in providing diagnostic services for over two decades across the spectrum of marine medicals, pre insurance and pre employment diagnostics catering to the needs of corporate as also for individual health checkups.

India House Path Lab caters to the maritime community employed on Indian, International maritime companies, apart from having Insurance companies and private patient referrals as its clients.

India House Path Lab provides medical diagnostic services catering to 3 broad based client categories :

India House Path Lab services maritime companies for their pre sea and periodic medical examinations ; Unannounced Drug and Alcohol testing on board ships and emergency medical care of their fleet crew whilst at sea.

Life insurance players, both domestic and private companies and international companies.

3.Private walk in clients and doctor referrals.

India House Path Lab's key services include :

General physical medical examination by qualified medical practitioners
Cardiac checkups to include Electrocardiogram, Computerized stress test; 2D Echo
All pathology tests on blood, urine & other body fluids via state of the art pathology laboratory.
Clinical radiology; X rays and Ultrasound.
Audiometric and hearing tests
Visual Acuity tests.
Specialist consultant referral facilities
Worldwide ports covered by
India House Path Lab for
DNA testing service